Human-Centered Design in Education

Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching, ISU

Fall 2020, Spring 2021
Instructional Technology Specialist (Graduate Assistant)

Credits: Dr. Lesya Hasall and Brittni Wendling

  • Make recommendations for enhancements and/or revisions of course materials, delivery methods, and instructional practices.

  • Conduct initial needs assessment and content analysis as part of the collaboration with the Faculty and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). Author original content and modifies existing materials in partnership with SMEs.

  • Create design documents (course outlines, storyboards, design mockups, etc.) to guide the course development process. Design successful assessments and evaluation methods. Present documentation for evaluation decisions.

  • Plan, conceptualize and organize multimedia and design projects, e.g. storyboard engaging and interactive multimedia ideas. Design and provide recommendations for custom multimedia activities and other engaging course elements. Conduct training and coaching on best practices for online course design.

  • Collaborate with Project Management and Course Design team on project timelines and documentation.

  • Act as an eLearning consultant to Project Managers in discovery meetings that pertain to course design and development. Consult and contribute to new innovative products to facilitate the growth of educational initiatives. Facilitate incorporating digital media elements in the eLearning platform.

  • Evaluate course materials to ensure that the online course curriculum is consistent with requirements as specified by SMEs.

Engineering and LAS Online Learning, ISU

Spring 2020, Summer 2020, Fall 2020
Instructional Designer (Graduate Assistant)

Credits: Dr. Rema Nilakanta and Hiroyuki Iino

  • Collaborate with subject matter experts and content producers to develop creative learning design deliverables, including learning objectives, assessments, content plans, activities, media items.

  • Understand learner interactions with regards to UX principles, wireframing, HTML, H5P, Canvas, Adobe Captivate, Camtasia, etc.

  • Designed six online-training courses for the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) funded project in collaborations with SMEs from the University of Missouri, University of Kansas, and Michigan State University.

Advanced Learning Environments Design

Spring 2021

We have re-created the IDEO 2013 Design Thinking for Educators workbook on a real-time board (Miro) template to help educators during the pandemic come together to brainstorm and prototype their design ideas for their virtual classroom environments.

Credits: Dr. Evrim Baran and Dana Alzoubi

Evaluating Technology-based Learning Environments

Fall 2020

Beats Therapeutics designed the Beats Medical Parkinson’s Treat (BMPT) mobile application for people with Parkinson’s disease. To evaluate and determine the validity of the BMPT app, the research team conducted pre-test surveys, usability testing, and semi-structured interviews for data collection. The evaluation questions measured the effectiveness of the mobile application, ease of use, and satisfactory level for the user after using the feature.

Credits: John Osorio Torres, Hasan Sungur, Anasilvia Salazar

Designing Effective Learning Environments

Fall 2020

Based on users and expert advice, the data evidence collected through needs analysis pointed towards a need for creating a workshop for Teaching Assistants (TAs) teaching recitation sections in large-enrollment online courses that focus on discussion strategies. At the end of the workshop, TAs will identify learner discussion facilitation strategies appropriate to the teaching context. The main learning objectives of the workshop are (1) Explore the use of word clouds, role-playing, and student-led discussion as discussion facilitation strategies; (2) Compare the benefits and drawbacks of the three discussion facilitation strategies; (3) Evaluate the level of engagement in the discussion facilitation strategies, and; (4) Adapt an appropriate discussion strategy for your teaching context.

Credits: Seçil Akıncı, Ananda Muhammad, Hannah Dong

Principles and Practices of Distance Learning

Summer 2020

In a globalized world, learning to work effectively with teammates from diverse backgrounds is compounded by remote environments. During this course, students will learn to become intercultural and interdisciplinary collaborators through teamwork during various design competitions. At the end of this course, students are expected to submit their design to a competition assigned to them.

Credits: Rachel Shannon, Ana Luz