Discover to Deliver

Cards For Women

A platform for all women to share their experiences with each other.

It is my Master's Dissertation project which quickly evolved into Civic Innovation with a Social Entrepreneurship mindset. We designed a product to provide a safe space for women to listen, empathize, and strategize the importance of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion to build a better future.

Credits: Ana Luz, Manas Chimpidi, Abigail Luchsinger

How To Educator

Digital tool for course plan, design, and delivery.

We are a small start-up based in Iowa. We are a team of diverse experts thriving to improve educators’ quality by providing innovative solutions and simple tools. How To Educator is a platform for all K12 teachers, higher education faculty, professional development trainers, learning experience designers, and other subject matter experts to plan, design, and deliver courses. Our resources include downloadable toolkits, Take Easy application, one-on-one mentoring (starting 2022), and up-to-date educational news.

Credits: Manas Chimpidi

Misfit Noodle

Design Sprint Agency for Educators

A passion project for Ana, Abby, and myself. Our unique approach combines hands-on visual thinking, co-creation, and people-centered design to help organizations envision the future, design the path to get there and bring the vision to life.

Credits: Ana Luz, Abigail Luchsinger, Karen Kerns

Success Blueprint

Branding Starter-kit for Startups

Undergraduate senior project is based on my experiences as a freelance design consultant for start-up businesses. I used Trello and create a template for managers and design team to communicate easily and build collaterals.

Innovation Fellow Tracker

Dash Competition Winner 1st place

An Innovation DASH is a 1-day design and deliver competition that brings interdisciplinary teams together to create and propose solutions to specific problems.

Credits: Abigail Luchsinger, Ana Luz, Ramit Krishnan, Ananya Jampala


Recycle Right!

24 hour design challenge by IBM and Adobe. Dunya is a tool to help people do their part and take the first step towards change in their local community.

Credits: John Osorio, Pinar Adanir, Niloo Alavi, Xin Chen

Rough prototypes of various side hustles

Austin Music Foundation

Express Sign Setters