Cards For Women

(November 2019 - August 2020)

A platform for all women to anonymously share their vulnerable experiences.


Periodically feminists have written books, research articles, and self-help templates for women to be empowered. That said, how do we hear from a woman at the time of crisis?


We designed a digital platform for women to share their vulnerable experiences anonymously, and other women will share strategies. The deck would later compile into a deck for women-centered discussions as conversation starters.

Post project reflection

The school project quickly turned into an entrepreneurial venture and reached over a million people. We won multiple awards and were recognized on international media until reality struck us and we needed to get back to finishing our education.

We are a safe community for women to listen, empathize and share from each other’s experiences. We provide workshops, self-help templates, case studies, career advice, and various mentorship programs for people and organizations who wish to practice diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Credits: Ana Luz, Manas Chimpidi, Abigail Luchsinger

Krishnan_Final Presentation2020

Cards For Women Awards

  • ISU Women Club Award

  • International Design Excellence Award Round 1

  • ISU Pappajohn Center for Entrepreneurship Cystarters Accelerator Award

  • ISU Pappajohn Center for Entrepreneurship Pitch-off Award

Cards For Women Recognition

  • New Channels: CNN, NBC, New York Times

  • ISU Foundation Governors meet

  • Forward Magazine

  • 1 Million + Followers on social networking platforms